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Teenage Rhinoplasty – A Detailed Guide to Nose Jobs for Teens

The Rhinoplasty Clinic in Philadelphia, PAAlthough many people wait until adulthood to get plastic surgery, rhinoplasty is one procedure that is increasingly performed on teenagers. Many teens understand the benefits of a nose job, seeing it as an opportunity to correct cosmetic concerns in the nose and achieve a more harmonious appearance. Unfortunately, some teens might feel pressured into a nose job because of social media, bullying or teasing. Therefore, it is important for any teen to consider the full details of a rhinoplasty before making the decision to pursue treatment.

Why Consider a Teenage Rhinoplasty?

Before considering a rhinoplasty, it is important for teens to understand their own motivations for getting one. Teenagers should not get a rhinoplasty because they feel like they need to improve their appearance for others. Instead, the desire to get a rhinoplasty should come from an appreciation for the long-term benefits of the procedure, as well as a deep understanding of the realistic possibilities of treatment.

What Can a Teenage Rhinoplasty Correct?

Teenagers may choose to pursue a rhinoplasty to correct cosmetic concerns that include:

  • Asymmetry in the nose
  • Wide nostrils or a deviated septum
  • Bumps in the nose
  • Wide or crooked nasal bridge
  • Bulbous, drooping or upturned nasal tip

What to Expect After a Teenage Rhinoplasty

While a rhinoplasty can produce dramatic results that enhance the appearance, it’s important to remember that these results also come with a lengthy recovery period. Patients will experience significant bruising and swelling in the weeks following their rhinoplasty procedure. This will require taking one to two weeks off of school and other activities. Fortunately, pain medications and other recovery techniques can help manage discomfort during this time. But, patients will also need to avoid activities that could injure the nose, such as sporting activities, for up to a few months after their procedure.

Should You Have a Nose Job as a Teen?

When considering a nose job as a teen, you should have a full understanding of the procedure and your own motivations for pursuing it. Then, you need to have realistic expectations of what the rhinoplasty procedure can accomplish. Afterwards, you need to consider the recovery period that follows a rhinoplasty so that you can prepare for the time away from school and other activities.


If you’re considering a rhinoplasty, contact us today at Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about the procedure or schedule your initial consultation.

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