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Located in Glen Mills, Media and Chester, Providence Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery offers Kybella™ to the residents of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas who are looking to eliminate the fat underneath the chin that causes the “double chin”.

What is Kybella™? How does it work?

Kybella™ is an injection treatment containing a substance which helps the body absorb fat much like deoxycholic acid, a chemical naturally produced by the body. Because fat cells are eradicated at the site of the Kybella™ injection, it is a fast, non-surgical alternative to liposuction in treating fat deposits around the chin. Before becoming FDA-approved, two separate clinical trials were held with over 1,000 patients collectively participating in the United States. Eighty percent of the participants in these clinical trials reported seeing a noticeable difference in the amount of fat stored beneath their chin.

Why choose Kybella™?

Eight out of 10 people who experience having the dreaded “double chin” feel insecure about their facial appearance and profile, according to surveys. The fat that is stored in the chin and neck areas is often not affected by improvements in diet and exercise and is known to grow more noticeable as a person gets older and the skin starts to lose its firmness. Those individuals who wish they could improve the look of their chin are often put off by all that is involved with undergoing such an invasive procedure as liposuction. With Kybella™, these patients can now improve their appearance with little to no recovery time and no surgery required.

How many treatments are required? What should I expect?

The number of treatment sessions needed in order to obtain the desired results depends on the specific needs and goals of each individual patient. Dr. Ginsburg often tells patients to expect 12 to 20 injections in an average treatment course in order to see the desired end result. In general, this would mean two to three separate office visits, each spaced a month apart. Those patients who have a severe amount of fat stored in their chin area may require as many as 50 injections with treatment sessions scheduled a few months apart in order to see results. Each treatment session takes around 15 minutes and most clinical trial participants saw noticeable results after only a few treatment sessions.

Kybella™ isn’t approved for sagging skin, but will it still help?

Unfortunately, Kybella™ was not designed to address the issues of sagging skin. Its only intended purpose is to melt fat in the chin and neck areas. However, as a result of experiencing less fat, some participants in the clinical trials reported also seeing a slight tightening effect on the treated areas.

Can Kybella™ melt fat from other parts of the body?

Kybella™ is currently only approved to remove excess fat in the chin area. It is not expected to be effective or useful in treating other areas of excess fat, such as in the arms, thighs, or love handles. There has been some evidence that Kybella™ could potentially help very small areas of fat storage, such as the under eye area, but that such use would pose significant safety risks. More research is required to determine what non-invasive treatment or substance would be effective in treating excess fat in these areas.

How much does Kybella™ cost? Will my health insurance cover it?

Kybella™ is priced similarly to existing dermal fillers. The ultimate cost of Kybella™ depends on how much each patient needs and how many treatments. How much your treatment will cost can only be determined after a complimentary consultation with Dr. Ginsburg. Unfortunately, since Kybella™ is considered to be a cosmetic procedure, it’s highly unlikely that health insurance providers will offer coverage.

Dr. Mark Ginsburg


Providence Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery offers facial plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and skin rejuvenation to residents of Glen Mills, Media, Chester and the greater Philadelphia area. Dr. Mark Ginsburg, DO, FAACS, is a board certified facial plastic surgeon, general cosmetic surgeon and head and neck surgeon who combines personalized care with the latest technology to provide each patient with extraordinary and natural results. For more information, or to schedule a complimentary patient consultation, call 484-352-3524 to speak to a member of our friendly, knowledgeable staff.