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Are You a Suitable Candidate for Rhinoplasty?

The Rhinoplasty Clinic in Philadelphia, PAYou might be considering a rhinoplasty due to its well-known ability to enhance the appearance of the nose, which often extends benefits to the overall balance and appearance of the face. However, before you can start planning your rhinoplasty treatment, it is important to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the rhinoplasty procedure. Below, we’ll cover some of the basic information that can help you determine your candidacy for rhinoplasty.

Is Your Face Fully Developed?

Before having a rhinoplasty, your facial growth must be complete. If rhinoplasty is performed before the nose has fully developed, it can complicate the continued development of the nose and the surrounding facial features. For most people, this typically happens by the age of 18. However, this is something that must be evaluated before a rhinoplasty.

Are You Physically Healthy?

Next, you must be in good health to be a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty. For example, some health conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure, bleeding disorders, diabetes or severe allergies can exclude you from the rhinoplasty procedure. If you are not affected by these conditions and are in good general health, you may be a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty. We will review your medical history prior to treatment to determine your candidacy.

Are You a Non-Smoker?

Being a habitual smoker is likely to disqualify you from the rhinoplasty procedure. This is because smoking constricts the blood vessels and restricts blood flow. This can lead to complications during surgery and throughout the recovery process. Specifically, during recovery, healthy blood flow is essential to the healing process. As a smoker, you may experience increased swelling, bruising, discomfort and other side effects throughout recovery. For these reasons, we recommend that patients abstain from smoking throughout the treatment process, and heavy smokers may not be eligible for treatment.

Do You Have Realistic Expectations?

Finally, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your treatment and your potential results. Rhinoplasty can produce significant results, but it is essential to discuss your goals with your surgeon prior to treatment so that you have a full understanding of your results. Additionally, patients should feel confident in the reasons they are pursuing rhinoplasty. As a cosmetic surgery, it is important that rhinoplasty is desired for personal reasons and not due to the pressure of other people.


If you are interested in the rhinoplasty procedure, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. We’ll help you determine your candidacy for rhinoplasty so you can get started with treatment.

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