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The Positive Impact of Telemedicine in Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PAThe COVID pandemic has forced medical practices all over the world to quickly adapt and change for the safety of patients and their families. Despite the incredibly disheartening impact that the pandemic has had on the world, it did have some positive impacts on telemedicine, particularly in the realm of plastic surgery. Below, we’ll explore some of these positive impacts and why plastic surgery has changed for the better.

Convenience for Doctors & Patients

The first benefit of telemedicine in plastic surgery is that it’s made communication between doctors and patients quite convenient. Previously, all consultations and visits were carried out in-person. Although this does permit an important face-to-face interaction, it does put constraints on potential patients. Most notably, patients are now able to pick up their phone or log on to their computer to speak to their doctor wherever it is convenient. Instead of scheduling an office visit between work or other obligations, patients can simply pull out their devices and consult with their doctor within a few minutes.

Improved Safety for At-Risk Individuals

One of the most urgent benefits ushered in by telemedicine is the improved safety of it. With the threat of the Coronavirus, there were severe risks involved with physically visiting a practice. Even if a patient would not be considered high risk, they may have friends or close family members who are considered high risk. With telemedicine, these patients can now preserve the health of themselves and their families while still getting the one-on-one attention they deserve. This also extends benefits to the plastic surgery practice, who can now enjoy a safer environment thanks to reduced foot traffic at a given location.

More Accessibility to Treatment

Finally, introducing telemedicine into the world of plastic surgery has increased accessibility to treatment. Previously, patients might not have visited a plastic surgeon because they live too far from a practice, or because the travel costs would be too extreme. For patients who are only seeking a consultation, this can be a significant barrier to entry. Today, patients can consult with a plastic surgeon from anywhere, giving them the opportunity to discuss their goals and the logistics of treatment before making any formal arrangement. Ultimately, this has given more people access to plastic surgery, which is an important benefit for the future of plastic surgery.


The negative impacts of the COVID pandemic are numerous and undeniable. However, we are happily embracing the positive impacts that telemedicine has brought to plastic surgery around the world. We believe this has pushed the industry to adopt much-needed changes, and we look forward to continued development. If you are seeking telemedicine consultations for plastic surgery, contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Ginsburg of Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery.