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Is the Recovery Time for Facial Plastic Surgeries Much More Painful Than Other Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Facial Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PAMany patients are understandably fearful of the pain that comes after a plastic surgery procedure. In fact, this is one of the single biggest factors that prevent people from pursuing a treatment that would otherwise deliver many benefits. The truth is, the pain involved in a plastic surgery procedure is actually far less than many patients expect, but there are still some differences between facial plastic surgeries and other plastic surgery procedures. Below, we’ll dig into the differences and why the recovery time often varies.

Facial Plastic Surgeries: What Causes Pain?

In any cosmetic surgery, the pain that occurs afterward is a result of the damage caused to the body during surgery. However, this pain will vary depending on the parts of the body involved. Facial surgery typically involves the skin tissue, and may involve cartilage for ear or nose surgeries. Since these are more superficial components of the body, the healing process is actually quite tolerable. The pain will originate in these areas, but because these surgeries typically do not involve deeper parts of the body like the muscles, they tend to heal quickly and without any significant pain. In most cases, patients can expect some temporary bruising or feelings of tightness.

Body Plastic Surgeries: What Causes Pain?

With other plastic surgery procedures, especially those performed on the body, pain can come from a wider variety of causes. For example, some breast enhancement and body sculpting procedures will place stress on the muscles. Since these muscles are involved in regular movement, they can be a significant source of pain while you are recovering. The more that the muscles and the surrounding tissues are affected, the more pain is involved. Unfortunately, since body plastic surgeries often cover large areas of the body, they tend to be more painful on average than facial plastic surgeries.

Which Treatments are More Painful?

Although pain levels will vary by patient depending on the treatment performed, facial surgeries are generally less painful than other plastic surgery treatments. This is because facial surgeries are typically performed on small areas, without impacting surrounding muscles or tissue. Body procedures, on the other hand, can place stress on the muscles and large areas of the body. As a result, body plastic surgery procedures are often associated with higher levels of pain and longer recovery periods.


If you have any questions regarding plastic surgery recovery, contact us today to schedule your consultation at Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. We’ll walk you through your treatment so you know exactly what to expect from your recovery process.

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