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How Safe is Plastic Surgery on the Nasal and Sinus Area?

The Rhinoplasty Clinic in Philadelphia, PAPatients are rightfully concerned about their safety regarding surgeries performed on the nasal and sinus areas. After all, these areas are essential to the way we breathe, speak and perform many other functions and tasks. Fortunately, patients can rest assured that plastic surgery is entirely safe in these areas. Below, we’ll explore how you can ensure your safety when planning for surgery on the nasal and sinus areas.

Safe & Beneficial

The primary concern surrounding the safety of the nasal and sinus area is that plastic surgery may affect a person’s ability to breathe. With modern surgical techniques, however, there is no need for this concern. Rhinoplasty and other nasal surgeries are performed with general anesthesia, which allows patients to remain safe and comfortable throughout the duration of the surgery. After surgery, you can expect some swelling and bruising, but your breathing ability will remain largely unaffected. In fact, many patients enjoy improved breathing function after receiving surgery. This is because nasal and sinus surgeries can open the airways and enhance breathing ability. Therefore, surgery can actually be quite beneficial to patients struggling with breathing difficulties.

Finding a Qualified Surgeon

When considering the safety of a procedure, you must also consider your surgeon. With the right plastic surgeon, you can have complete confidence that you’ll be receiving a safe and predictable surgery. However, surgeons who are under qualified or under experienced may not offer the same level of safety, which can lead to complications and health risks. For this reason, patients are encouraged to seek out surgeons who are highly qualified and experienced in their desired surgery. Dr. Ginsburg of Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery has extensive experience in both cosmetic and reconstructive rhinoplasty, and is a great example of a surgeon who can provide a safe nasal or sinus surgery.

Focusing on Recovery

The last element in enjoying a safe plastic surgery is your recovery. Although most of the work is performed during surgery, the recovery period is equally important! The best way to ensure your safety following plastic surgery is by adhering to the recovery guidelines provided by your surgeon. These instructions are given to minimize the risk of complications and help you heal as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or confusion, don’t hesitate to communicate with your surgeon!


At Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, we pride ourselves on providing safe and fulfilling cosmetic procedures. To learn more about our treatments or schedule your initial consultation, contact us today.

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