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How can a Rhinoplasty change the nose?

 When it comes to first impressions, a dazzling smile, beautiful eyes, and full lips might not be enough to make a good first impression. Sometimes, a nose that ruins facial symmetry and balance can detract from our other, more attractive features and significantly damage our self esteem. Some of our patients even admit that they avoid making eye contact with strangers because they do not want people to look at their nose. Here at Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, our number one priority is helping people gain confidence and love the body they have. If your nose is detracting from your self confidence, there is a procedure that can help make significant changes not only to your nose, but your overall facial symmetry and balance: Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is one of Dr. Ginsburg’s specialties. If you want to restore balance, proportion, and symmetry to your face due to a nose that is too large, too flat, too pointy, too bulbous, or too bumpy, Rhinoplasty can help. Rhinoplasty can even help patients whose breathing is impaired due to the shape or size of their nose and increase nose function. This procedure seems too good to be true to some of our patients, so we wanted to discuss today the changes that a Rhinoplasty typically offers to our patients. 

The Rhinoplasty is a truly customized procedure. Depending upon your unique nose shape, ethnicity, gender, life circumstances, and desired outcome, Dr. Ginsburg will work closely with you to design a procedure meant especially for your needs. Some of our patients need an Open Rhinoplasty, which is best suited for patients with a crooked nose, a dorsal hump, a bulbous nose tip, or other significant concerns. The Open Rhinoplasty can straighten the nose, flatten the nose, and fix nose tips. On the other hand, the Closed Rhinoplasty is great for patients who need smaller cosmetic changes which Dr. Ginsburg can make by working inside the nostrils. The Closed Rhinoplasty can change the appearance of the nostrils and improve nose function. Rhinoplasty can even make the nose smaller, bigger, or more narrow.

If you think a Rhinoplasty might be right for you, please feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation where our team of highly trained medical professionals will work with you to design your own, personalized procedure!

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