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Glen Mills Residents Ask: Am I a Good Candidate for Male Rhinoplasty?

The Rhinoplasty Clinic in Philadelphia, PAAs cosmetic procedures and plastic surgery enhancements continue their ever-increasing rise in popularity, the demand for these treatments among men is also growing…at astonishing rates.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2018 there were 1.8 million cosmetic surgical operations performed. When you include non- or minimally invasive treatments, that number rises to 17.7 million.

Out of the 1.8 million cosmetic surgeries done, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping, more commonly called a ‘nose job’) came in at #3, with nearly 214K surgeries, behind breast augmentation (#1 with 314K) and liposuction (#2 with 258.5K).

The Difference Between Male and Female Rhinoplasty

Men who seek out rhinoplasty ultimately want the same sort of results as those sought by women. They want their nose to blend in with the rest of their face and be attractive, balanced and proportional to their other features.

Closed rhinoplasty is typically performed the same way on both men and women. All the surgery is performed through the nostrils, with small incisions made inside the nose where they’re never seen.

Even open rhinoplasty, which is performed by making a tiny incision at the base of the nose, is done the same way, regardless of gender.

One other area most men and women agree on when pursuing a more attractive nose is when there is a prominent hump on the bridge of the nose. It takes an extremely skilled plastic surgeon to be able to reduce or minimize the hump and still maintain the masculine or feminine look of the bridge.

Problems for men can arise if they choose a plastic surgeon who doesn’t understand those subtle differences between the ideal female nose and the ideal version of a male nose.

Choose a Surgeon Who Can Create the Ideal Male Nose

Once you’ve decided to have rhinoplasty surgery, the next critical decision to be made is who will perform it. Men who want their nose to be reshaped need to seek out a surgeon with experience in male rhinoplasty.

Some of the most significant differences between the ideal male nose and the ideal female nose include:

  • The bridge of the nose – A flat or somewhat convex bridge is typically considered more masculine, with more narrow, slightly more concave bridges seen as more feminine.
  • The tip of the nose – The skin at the tip of the nose is usually thicker in men, while a more defined, narrow tip is more feminine in appearance. Female noses also tend to have a somewhat more elevated tip than male noses.
  • The size of the nose – In general, men’s noses are seen as stronger when they’re larger and more prominent as long as they’re proportional to the face. A woman usually prefers a more diminutive nose.
  • The length of the nose – Male noses are typically a bit longer than female noses.

These differences, when all combined together, usually lead to women having noses that are overall somewhat smaller, with sharper, more delicate and more defined nasal features.

Choosing the right surgeon who’s well versed and highly experienced in the differences between male and female rhinoplasty can make all the difference in how happy you are with your rhinoplasty results. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.