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Famous Celebrity Noses: Stars Who Celebrate their Uniquely Shaped Noses and Those that Don’t (Celebrity Rhinoplasty)

The Rhinoplasty Clinic in Philadelphia, PACelebrities often inspire and motivate us through their work, philanthropy and commitment to self-improvement. Although many celebrities prefer to stay natural, there are also many celebrities who are open about using cosmetic surgery to achieve their desired appearance. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the stars who choose to celebrate their unique qualities and avoid cosmetic surgery, as well as some of the ones who are vocal about celebrity rhinoplasty procedures.

Jennifer Aniston (Rhinoplasty)

Jennifer Aniston has always been a heartthrob, ever since her big break on Friends. Even after decades in Hollywood, she’s maintained a youthful appearance, which has raised some questions about whether the star has ever received plastic surgery treatments. She’s denied these accusations for years, but did admit to having a rhinoplasty procedure. Apparently, she struggled with a deviated septum for years, and underwent rhinoplasty to correct it. Afterwards, she says she was finally able to sleep through the night and it was the best decision she ever made.

Lady Gaga (Natural)

Lady Gaga was told at the beginning of her career that a nose job would help her success. This is an experience that she also portrayed in A Star is Born, as her character, Ally, also struggles with a non-conventional appearance. Fortunately, just like her on-screen character, Gaga found the strength and confidence to persevere. She says that she loves the look of her “Italian” nose, and wants to be successful as the person she is, not the person that the music industry wants her to be.

Kathy Griffin (Rhinoplasty)

Kathy Griffin has been open about receiving multiple cosmetic surgeries, including both liposuction and rhinoplasty. At the beginning of her career, she was often told that she would be pretty if it weren’t for her nose. She says that after hearing comments like this over and over again, she decided to get a nose job. Although she admits she was impressionable and gave in to what other people wanted, she is confident in her appearance and owns it with pride.

Gabby Douglas (Natural)

Gabby Douglas is best-known as an olympic gold medalist in gymnastics. Although you might think that the focus of her career would be her gymnastic skill, she repeatedly received criticism for her nose. Evidently, some of the staff members at her gymnastic training camp suggested that she get a rhinoplasty to correct the flat appearance of her nose. However, she chose to maintain her unique nose, and still refuses to get plastic surgery to appease others.

Cameron Diaz (Rhinoplasty)

Cameron Diaz is known to be a fan of a variety of cosmetic procedures, although her decision to get a nose job was purely medical. Over the years, Diaz has broken her nose a total of four times. After the fourth incident, she was having difficulty breathing and decided to get a rhinoplasty. Today, her rhinoplasty results continue to contribute to her timeless Hollywood look.


There are many reasons to consider (or avoid!) a rhinoplasty. The most important thing is to understand your motivations for getting the procedure, and selecting a plastic surgeon who can deliver safe, fulfilling results. To learn more about the rhinoplasty treatment, contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ginsburg at Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery.


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