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Delaware County Physician Explains How to Be Healthy Before and After Plastic Surgery

Facial Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PA

Are you anticipating an upcoming plastic surgery? Did you know there are steps to take that can better your chances of a quicker recovery and better results? Dr. Ginsburg at Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery explains ways that men and women can get healthy and stay healthy before and after their procedures. Men and Women in Delaware and Philadelphia counties should follow these lifestyle tips.

Preparing for Surgery

If you are considering a facelift, neck lift, or rhinoplasty, there are several steps you can take to prepare your body for invasive surgery. First and foremost, you should be on a regular vitamin routine. This means two weeks prior to your surgery, you should take vitamins, including minerals like Zinc, to decrease your recovery and downtime. Additionally, you should eat a well-balanced diet that includes many fruits and vegetables. You should also stop smoking and consuming alcohol prior to surgery.

After Surgery

Following your procedure, it is recommended that you continue to eat a healthy diet and increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. You should continue to take vitamins and maintain a healthy level of minerals in your body, including Zinc. It is also important that you follow any postoperative care instructions from your doctor. After surgery, maintaining low consumption of alcohol and tobacco will also speed up your recovery and provide you with a healthier lifestyle.

Your Facial Plastic Surgery Options

Trust a Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

The decision to undergo facial plastic surgery is a big choice. Knowing that you can trust your plastic surgeon is a big factor in this decision. Dr. Ginsburg is a triple board-certified plastic surgeon. He is a Delaware County native and strives to provide the best care to his hometown residents.

At Providence Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Ginsburg offers complimentary consultations to patients seeking facial plastic surgery. Men and women in Glen Mills, Media, Chester, and the greater Philadelphia area should contact Dr. Ginsburg.