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Common Nose Shape Concerns that Rhinoplasty Can Resolve

The Rhinoplasty Clinic in Philadelphia, PAThe rhinoplasty procedure, also called a nose job, is a capable solution for correcting and enhancing the nose. In fact, an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can perform many different techniques during the rhinoplasty procedure to address various nose concerns and help patients achieve their desired qualities. Below, we’ll explore some common nose shape concerns that rhinoplasty can resolve.


If there is any asymmetry in the nose, rhinoplasty is an effective solution. If you have experienced an injury to the nose in the past, it’s probable that the nose healed incorrectly, resulting in some asymmetry. With rhinoplasty techniques, this can be corrected to restore symmetry to the face and the overall appearance.

Deviated Septum

A deviated septum occurs when the wall that separates the nostrils drifts towards one side of the nose. In many cases, this will cause one nostril to look bigger than the other, and may even create breathing difficulties and abnormalities. With rhinoplasty techniques, we can restore the position of the septum to enhance the appearance and correct any breathing difficulties.

The Nasal Tip

The nasal tip is the focal point of the nose, where patients may be concerned with the size, shape or positioning. Whether you have a large, bulbous, upturned or drooping nasal tip, rhinoplasty techniques can address these concerns to produce a nasal tip that best complements the rest of the facial features.

The Size of the Nose

Having a nose that is too large or too wide is a common concern among patients. Whether you’re concerned with the width or size of the base of the nose, the nasal tip or even the bridge of the nose, rhinoplasty techniques can help. With rhinoplasty, we can optimize the size of the nose to produce attractive results and optimal breathing functionality.

The Profile of the Nose

The profile of the nose refers to the shape of the nose when viewed from the side of the face. From this angle, some patients may notice bumps, humps or depressions in the shape of the nose. A rhinoplasty can smooth out the nasal profile to produce a more desirable shape.


The benefits of a rhinoplasty extend far beyond the common concerns above. To learn more about the potential of rhinoplasty surgery, contact us and schedule your consultation at Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery.

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