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Cartilage Grafting Nose Jobs: Here’s All You Need to Know

The Rhinoplasty Clinic in Philadelphia, PAMost rhinoplasty procedures reduce and refine the size of the nose to produce the desired results. However, some patients may benefit from enlarging the size of the nose in certain areas. In these cases, a technique known as cartilage grafting is used. With this strategy, cartilage is taken from other areas of the body and used to enhance the shape of the nose. Below, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about cartilage grafting nose jobs.

What is a Cartilage Grafting Nose Job?

A cartilage grafting nose job is a rhinoplasty technique that uses cartilage from another area of the body to enhance the nose. Cartilage is a special type of tissue that is highly malleable. This makes it a great material for optimizing various areas of the body. With a rhinoplasty, cartilage can be used to enhance the shape or size of the nose in various areas, producing natural-looking results. Specifically, a cartilage grafting nose job can be used for:

  • Raising the bridge of the nose
  • Augmenting the tip of the nose
  • Improving the shape or depth of nasal projection

Where is Cartilage Taken From?

For rhinoplasty procedures, cartilage can be taken from a number of different areas, including the septum (the tissue between the nostrils), the ears or the ribs. Nasal septum tissue is often preferred, since it is conveniently located in the nose already. Ear cartilage is an effective option for smaller procedures, while rib cartilage is a safe choice for large amounts of cartilage. In any case, cartilage will be removed using surgical techniques before being transferred to the nose. It is important to consider that your recovery process may extend to other areas of the body depending on where the cartilage is taken from.

Cartilage Grafting vs. Nose Implants

Besides cartilage grafting, the other option for augmenting the nose is nose implants. Nose implants offer the same cosmetic benefits, but with some key differences. For starters, nose implants are made with synthetic materials. This means that they come with a higher risk of infection. Additionally, they come with the risk of capsular contracture, just like a breast implant. If a capsular contracture occurs, a revision rhinoplasty will be necessary. For these reasons, many patients prefer the more natural cartilage grafting technique.

What is Recovery Like After a Cartilage Grafting Nose Job?

The recovery from a cartilage grafting nose job is similar to a traditional rhinoplasty. You can expect a week or two of initial downtime, during which you may want to take time off of work and other activities. Furthermore, you’ll have to avoid sports or any other activities that could cause injuries to the nose for a few months, as any damage to the nose during the recovery process could impact your results.


If you’re considering a cartilage grafting nose job, contact us today at Providence Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. We’ll answer any questions you may have about the treatment and help you schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Ginsburg.

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