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What are the 3 Biggest Post-Surgery Recovery Tips?

Facial Plastic Surgery in Philadelphia, PARecovery is hugely important to the plastic surgery process. In fact, navigating your recovery safely and properly can directly influence your results. By following the correct recovery guidelines and tips, you can ensure you achieve optimal results, while also minimizing side effects and discomfort along the way. To help you through your recovery, here are the 3 biggest post-surgery recovery tips.

Get Plenty of Rest

The first step to a smooth recovery is resting as much as possible! You’ll be exhausted after surgery, and all of your energy will be dedicated to helping the body heal. It’s incredibly important to rest and conserve your energy as much as you can during this time. This means you’ll need to take time off of work, social events and maybe even from household chores. For this reason, we often recommend that patients have a friend or family member to help them around the house for a few days. While you may feel ready to return to work and light activities within a week or two, you’ll need to avoid exercise and other strenuous activities for a little bit longer. It’s healthy and encouraged to participate in some light walking, but be sure to take it easy for at least several weeks after your surgery.

Be Mindful of Your Nutrition

After surgery, your body will be working as hard as it can to heal itself, which means you need to supply it with all of the nutrients it needs to do its job. For starters, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water during your recovery. Similarly, you’ll want to cut out sodas and alcohol, which will only hinder your body’s healing processes. When it comes to food, you’ll want to stick to a diet that is high in lean protein. Eat foods like poultry, fish and nuts, but avoid fatty red meats. Be sure to eat plenty of vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, too!

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Finally, one of the best tips for a smooth post-surgery recovery is to follow your doctor’s instructions. After surgery, you’ll be provided with prescriptions, wound care guidelines, pain management tips and more – all designed to help you have a safe and comfortable recovery process. Be sure to adhere to these guidelines to a T, and ask your surgeon if there is any confusion!


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